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We need your input! The Port Richmond Brownsfield Redevelopment Community Design Charrette

The Friends of Port Richmond is producing a plan to redevelop the Brownsfield area of Port Richmond in Philadelphia.  We need your help to do this!  We know that this area is important to the community and we want your input about what will happen.

Brownfields are areas that have been designed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a federal governmental agency.  They are properties that are contaminated by pollutants or other hazardous materials, most often from industry.  There are over 450,000 in the country!

For the past two decades, the EPA has providing grants to redevelop these areas.  Some goals of redevelopment are attracting tax-paying businesses, creating industries that bring new jobs into the area, cleaning up the environment, and providing green and recreational space.

Which of these goals is important to you, as a citizen of this community?  What other goals do you think we should add?  How would you like to see this property redeveloped and used?

We are organizing a Community Design Charrette where we will ask 20-25 members of the community to help us develop our plan.  Here are the details:

When:  September 19, 2016, 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Where:  Memphis Academy Charter School, 2950 Memphis St, Philadelphia

What we’ll be doing:  There will be a brief overview of Brownfields in general, including the Brownfields planning process, a history of the property, then we’ll be breaking you out into moderated groups to brain-storm and develop ideas for mix-used development.  We’ll ask you to consider a combination of commercial and recreation uses for the property.  Your group will give a presentation to all of the participants after the brain-storming sessions.  Your ideas will be incorporated into the design development process!  Plus we’ll have snacks!

Everyone who attends will be expected to follow some ground rules (which we’ll discuss at the beginning) and actively participate.

For more information, please email:

Assignment #2 flyer

After you attend the Charrette, please give us your feedback here:

Friends of Port Richmond Brownfield Redevelopment Community Design Charrettey

Note:  The Design Charrette is also being promoted on Twitter and Facebook:

Tweet: We need your input!  We want to redevelop the Brownsfield in Port Richmond.  Check out  #friendsofportrichmond

Facebook:  The Friends of Port Richmond needs your input!  We’re planning to redevelop the Brownsfield in Port Richmond for commercial and recreational use.  Please come to a Community Design Charrette.  For more info, check out



2 thoughts on “We need your input! The Port Richmond Brownsfield Redevelopment Community Design Charrette

  1. Your flyer is very well put together. It is simple and clean which makes its easy for the average person to understand. I like the questions you chose to ask. This will get people in the community thinking about what they need to do to help the Port Richmond area. Your suggestions work because they can really get someone thinking about the subject. Your flyer also alerts people of what really is going on. Some people in the community may not even know about the Port Richmond situation. If I had to make a suggestion it would be do keep driving this as a community issue that can be fixed if everyone comes together. Local communities can grow from situations like these.


  2. Thanks, Dan – I appreciate your comments. I agree with you about emphasizing the community issue part of it. I’ll try to focus on that more in the future so that I can point out why they should care as a community, and also that if they all cooperate they can make things happen!


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